Thais Derich is a creative writer who understands that business and art must join hands for the art to reach its audience.  Thais has published a book with She Writes Press, 2017 and she is working on her second book. She has gone through the whole process of writing, searching, and finding a home for her book. 

Thais is also an entrepreneur, works with start-ups, and has held writing roles at large tech companies like Cisco, Macromedia, and Adobe.  She currently works at The Hivery, a co-working space for entrepreneurs and creatives and as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Founder of one of the fastest growing small businesses Equator Coffees. She uses her business skills and her artistic sensibilities to coach writers.  By developing trust, having powerful questioning, designing action, planning, goal setting, and managing progress and accountability, Thais is a great partner to have on your writing journey. 

How do you keep writing, submitting, and publishing?  Thais can help you integrate the creative and business side of writing into one full life of doing what you love!